Why Xero is better for our clients

At Northern Beaches Accountants, we want to provide our clients with a proactive service. Xero makes this possible because the relationship between client and accountant is now more interactive.

Desktop accounting software such as Quickbooks and MYOB, restrains the ability to interact because of the need to pass a datafile back and forth.  If the accountant needs to make changes to a client’s data, they need to obtain the file from the client, meaning the client had to wait for the file to be returned before they could continue updating data.

Today, with the use of accounting software online, this unnecessary process of transferring the data file back and forth is no longer an issue. There are a number of products in the marketplace that are offering customers online accounting. The main three available in Australia at present are Saasu, Xero and more recently MYOB LiveAccounts. We have tried all three and our preference is Xero.

The Main Features – Why we prefer Xero

  • Ease of use – the layout within Xero makes it easy for a non-accounting person to understand
  • Easy to learn – the design and layout makes it easy to navigate your way around. The online tutorials are also superb. They making learning Xero quick and easy. Take a look at the Xero online tutorials
  • Powerful reporting options – get almost any data you need with reports that are simple to find and read
  • Integrates well with other software offerings – this makes it possible to have all your products talking together. Take a look at some of the partner offerings that are available Xero Partners
  • Grows with your business.

We are not alone with our thoughts. Here is some information recently released by Software Shortlist. Their results place Xero as their preferred choice out of 10 products surveyed (Clarity Accounting, Clearbooks, Kashflow, MoneyWorks Express, MYOB AccountRight Standard v19 (nee MYOB Accounting), Peach First Accounting 2010, Quickbooks Accounting, Saasu and Simply Accounting).


2 Responses to “Why Xero is better for our clients”

  1. Xavier Says:

    Thanks for mentioning our recent reviews of Accounting software. As you say, Xero came out with a 5 star rating from our independent reviewer. If any of your readers would like to see Software Shortlist’s full review for this or any of the other accounting products covered, they can download the review pack for free at http://www.softwareshortlist.com/products/accounting_software_reviews.html

  2. M McCarthy Says:

    They advantages you’ve highlighted are certainly valid. Do you find cloud accounting services meet the needs of medium to large businesses that need greater detail? I have encouraged a hybrid model whereby companies keep their existing software and use web reporting and charting tools to access data remotely.

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